Gyandeep School

Chairman's Message

I conceived dream of education in 1997 has now come alive with Gyandeep Modern Academy ranked amongst local leading schools. G.M.A endeavour to provide children with an opportunity for development, where our poor student encouraged. I thanks to school principal and teachers and non- teaching staff for their effectual role in developing G.M.A and drowing it to its height and also express my gratitude to school’s management, parents, print media and electronics media. Thanks
Shoorveer Chauhan

gyandeep school

Principle Message

Gyandeep Modern Academy is one of the best school among the school of city. It is a big creation of management. Its history is very glorious and excellent. The academic excellence is superb.. I always thankful to my creative innovative and laborious staff who always helped me and though by their hard work Academy still reached in high peaks and hope they always be with us. The loving students of academy come from BPL families but school management committee always with them and poverty never comes in the way of their education. The students of our academy also intelligent, creative. I always surprised by their performance done in Art, Cultural programme, their discipline, Drill exercises, curricular activities which are held time to time. Academic excellence, competitions, always get prize organized by other sources. I always pray to god that always be with us and the good work of educate these little ones never end in my life. Thanks

Mrs. Abhilasha Chauhan

gyandeep school

Vice Principle Message

My school is my pride. I have spent near about 20 years of my life in “Gyandeep Modern Academy”. Now it is as my family. All the staff members and loving students treat each other as family members. Here seems love and care for each other. The motive of school is not yet giving only good and quality education but even also create students be a good human being for future, It is a very proud moment for me to express my ideas in the favour of my school family. It is a best innovative school in my locality where students gain respect, etiquette, manners and achieve his aim for his life. The management of the school is very caring for each member of staff and students. I have kept many glorious and rare memories of school. May students batches have passed out from this school successfully all students enjoy their learning and always do their best. My warm wishes are always with Academy, and hope school will always be in the path of glory and success ahead. Thanks

Mrs. Uma Chandola



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